Deciding what career to choose is the most important decision students make in their life. In Pakistan due to lack of career counseling students face hard times while making that decision. More than 90% of students don’t know where the boat of their life is going. They don’t know what…

Reflection is an important part of learning through experience. By reflecting on our experiences, we maximize the potential of any new learning. This is particularly important when considering positives. They are often harder to recall than the bad elements of any experience.

Life before Amal was boring, depressed, less career-oriented…

Career Guidance Team

In our first blog, we presented our Team Career Guidance with the motto to guide the students of the 12th standard in Pakistan so they can find their dream career path. We worked out one of the most important features of students that how they faced a lack of career…

You must have heard this sentence at least once in your life “Eat that Frog”. If not then it's fine I will let you know what this sentence means.

Eat that frog means, when you wake up and about to start your work, then you must do the hardest part first. So I thought I should implement this and share the results with you.

I decided to develop a todo application within 45 mins with the Pomodoro technique.

How everything went?

I sat at 9:30 pm and started the timer. I decided to have a break of 2 mins after 15 minutes of work.

So here are the results of 45 minutes of work.

Saif Ur Rehman

Hi I am Saif Ur Rehman and I am a WordPress Web Designer and blogger.

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