Career Counselling and students of Pakistan

Deciding what career to choose is the most important decision students make in their life. In Pakistan due to lack of career counseling students face hard times while making that decision. More than 90% of students don’t know where the boat of their life is going. They don’t know what they can do with their life. They don’t know what career to choose, even they don’t know what they are made for. This lack of career counseling leads them to a selection of wrong subjects and the selection of the wrong field. Because they could not join the field they are made for, in another field they cannot perform better. This is the root cause that Pakistani youth is living the life of depression, struggling to get a job to work.

To address the problem I conducted an online survey about what kind of challenges students are facing during the selection of subjects in their schools, colleges, and universities.




Do you know what “Career Counselling” is?

Have you ever contact someone for career counseling?

What challenges you have faced due to the lack of career counseling?

If we provide you FREE Career Counselling then would you join us?

The survey speaks loudly about the problem. This problem is needed to be addressed throughout Pakistan. I and my team are motivated to guide the students about their lives.

In Pakistan, there is 64% youth, which means Pakistan has young blood who can take Pakistan to new horizons. The root cause of today’s bad situation in Pakistan is the students are not getting in the fields where they are fit in. Let me clarify this using an example. Suppose there are three friends Rabia, Tazeen, and Sadia. Now Sadia and Tazeen like painting but opted for science subjects due to lack of career counseling. And on the other hand, Rabia loved physics and pursuing her career in Physics. What do you think will perform better in their career? Sadia and Tazeen or Rabia? Of course, Rabia will perform far much better than Sadia and Tazeen. This is what I want from all 64% of the youth.



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