My Journey with Amal Academy

Reflection is an important part of learning through experience. By reflecting on our experiences, we maximize the potential of any new learning. This is particularly important when considering positives. They are often harder to recall than the bad elements of any experience.

Life before Amal Academy:

Life before Amal was boring, depressed, less career-oriented, less focused, less professional, less specific, and without defined goals.

I joined Amal Academy during my education, so before graduation I would become professional, and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I learned a lot and improved my personality.

Impact of Amal Academy on my Life

Amal Academy has helped me change my lifestyle and way of thinking. Let me share how Amal Academy has impacted my life.

Knowing myself:

Amal's fellowship enabled me to know myself in a better way. It allowed me to know my inner talent, my skills, my weaknesses, my goals, and various tips to achieve them.

Finding happiness in small moments:

Amal's fellowship enabled me of how to find happiness in small moments of life and how to facilitate others by our small act of kindness. It changed my perspective of thinking and taught me a lesson that life is all about making the best use of whatever resources we have, in order to enjoy every bit of it. Everyone is unique in their own way therefore, we must not compare our life with that of others to search for happiness. In fact, positive thinking is a decision that we make and not something that comes through genetics or outside factors.

Getting out of the comfort zone:

Amal academy provided me an opportunity to recognize that life is not only about living in your comfort zone and waiting for the opportunities to knock at your doorstep. Instead, if you have to achieve something you will have to go an extra mile for it in order to stand out of the crowd. You will have to believe in yourself and will have to take failures as an opportunity for learning. You will have to move forward with a positive growth mindset and only in this way you can achieve your ultimate goals.

Self Confidence

Interaction with different people and coming out of my comfort zone made me more confident than before about my opinions and views.


Amal Academy conducts weekly online sessions as well as one-on-one sessions for the assessment of fellows, in which the fellows use to practice various activities that help them in becoming more professional.

Designing Super Hero Resume and a Super Partner Cover letter:

Being a fresh graduate, I was having no idea about the Professional Resume and Cover letter writing for finding a job. But Amal fellowship taught me well how to design a Super Hero Resume and a Super Partner Cover letter to maximize the chances of getting a job.

Today when my fellowship journey is about to end, I can clearly see the difference between my life before and after the Fellowship. Now when I look back and connect the dots, I realize how my life has been transformed from an immature and unprofessional version of myself to a professional version.

Thank you, Amal Academy

I want to but I cannot thank enough my beloved program manager Ma’am Sana and our beloved program associate Sir Anas. I will miss you always. I am proud to be a part of the Amal Family.



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