Taking Flight from Amal Academy to Infinite Learning Land

“I believe if you are brave enough to say a happy goodbye then life will reward you with a very happy new hello.”

Everything which is started has its ending one day. But the point is that how we made this journey, what we sought from it while ending this journey with the unforgettable memories to start a new one as “ Every end is a new beginning”.

In my journey when the pandemic hit, my new journey with Amal Academy began. The point is, how we made this adventure, what we needed from it to finish this journey as a complete and thoughtful learning experience.

During my Amal journey, I made a lot of new friends, we called it the Amal Family and I would never forget them. These all are so caring, supporting, and motivating individuals who always help you to grow and excel in your life. Let me share my personal experience when I was facing some problems in project work and then I asked my fellow learners to help and they all welcomed and helped me to complete my project work for this week. Especially how I can forget my circle and my circle leader who worked as a team and completed the mega project in time.

Another best part that occurred in the last session was paying gratitude to our Amal mentors. They were just amazed and astonished by seeing our love and respect for them.

Through this is the end of this fellowship, but also actually the start of a new journey. This is a time to implement Amal’s learning and in our lives and I already started implementing these in my lives such as speaking in front of the public, exploring new paths, taking part in a team, punctuality, my values, and principles, especially resume building and in-person CV drop. After adopting all these techniques I got selected in the prestigious institute of Pakistan, and this is just because of the learnings of Amal Academy and I believe these all things goanna help me more in my future.

Thank you so much, Amal Academy, for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, grow, and excel in professional and personal lives.



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Saif Ur Rehman


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